The convenience of having all of my family’s lunch and dinners prepared for the entire week is something I can’t put a price tag on. Prior to finding Amanda and her services I spent 2 to 3 hours a day preparing, serving and cleaning up meals for my family. I always felt a tinge of sadness that I was never able to sit down with them the entire night because I was so involved in the process of meal preparing/cleaning! Amanda has given my family and I the freedom to spend time together as a family, rather than “Mom” constantly being in the kitchen. Amanda’s knowledge of meal planning/preparation is beyond amazing, but her professionalism as an entrepreneur doing what she really loves sets her apart from all the others! My family and I are incredibly grateful to have her in our lives and we highly recommend her and her services!

Krystal B. , State College

Our busy family was spending a lot of time and money eating out at local restaurants. We found it frustrating to spend so much time and money on food, especially when we weren’t really sure what ingredients went into it. I told my husband that if I ever won the lottery the first thing I would do is hire a personal chef. Then I researched how much it would cost to have a personal chef. I was delighted to find The Gourmet Girl Personal Chef Service right here in State College. After meeting with Amanda, we decided to hire the Gourmet Girl to help our family eat more healthfully. We have ended up saving a great deal of money and time by hiring a personal chef, and we didn’t have to win the lottery to do it!

K.G. , State College

Personal. Affordable. Absolutely Delicious. These are just a few phrases that come to mind when I think of the Gourmet Girl. I have been requesting Mandy’s services for years now because I love the thoughtfulness, care and quality she brings to all she does. If she’s the one preparing the food, I want to be there!

Erica R. , State College

Amanda makes it so easy! With little input from us, Amanda keeps the menu fresh, flexible, exciting, and customized to our dietary preferences. Her food is always delicious as she adjusts for our favorite levels or spicy entrees and sweet desserts.

Lindsay F. , State College

Thanks to Amanda’s service, our family saves precious time every day after we rush home from work. Instead of picking up take-out, throwing together a quick frozen dinner or spending hours in meal prep, our family connects over a quick preparation, enjoys a healthy dinner together and then spends the rest of the evening enjoying quality family time.

Our family has been a client of Amanda’s for four years. We originally started as a temporary convenience as our young family was expanding. Several weeks into experiencing her excellent service, we knew this would not be temporary.

Amanda is flexible with her schedule, very responsive, and even takes requests! I’m a self-proclaimed foodie so I get to partake in something new and exciting every week. Oh, and did I mention her fun and exuberant personality? Yet another added bonus!

Shanita M. , Port Matilda

I tell everyone I know that Amanda “The Gourmet Girl” Cruz’ services have been the best thing that has happened to me. It is like a gift every week when I open my front door and my children yell, “Amanda’s been here!” because they can smell all the wonderful food she has made. I love being able to walk in the door and have an awesome meal on the table in less than 3 minutes.