Personal Chef Service


Customized meal service for busy families


We'll sit down together for a few minutes to discuss your family's food preferences, including allergies. This meeting is always complimentary. It's a great way for us to be sure we understand what you're looking for and for you to decide if we can provide what your family needs.

Menu Plan

Menus are customized to suit your family's needs and preferences. There are no one size fits all menu plans with our service. Each entree, side dish and dessert is crafted to suit your personal tastes. You can review each menu and make any changes or special requests. We do this through email.


We'll purchase any produce, meats and other ingredients that are needed to prepare your meals. We'll also pick up any additional grocery items that you request as part of the shopping service at no extra service charge.


We'll visit your home once a week to prepare your meals from the freshest ingredients, package them, clean up and leave any necessary instructions. We're typically in the kitchen about 3 hours and we carry full liability insurance to protect your home and your health.

Complete Meal Packages

Option #1

3 entrees + 3 sides


* plus the cost of groceries
Option #2

4 entrees + 4 sides


* plus the cost of groceries
Option #3

5 entrees + 5 sides


* plus the cost of groceries

Entree Packages

Option #1

3 entrees


* plus the cost of groceries
Option #2

4 entrees


* plus the cost of groceries
Option #3

5 entrees


* plus the cost of groceries

Common Questions

How much will my groceries cost?

Grocery cost varies based on your menu choices (salmon vs. chicken), ingredient preferences (organic vs. non-organic) and how well stocked your kitchen is with the basic cooking staples such as olive oil, spices and flour. Most families find an average after a few weeks of service.

How many servings will each entree and side dish provide?
Each entree and side dish provides 4-6 servings and we can easily increase portions for larger families or occasions when you may have guests joining you at your dinner table.
Our popular 3 entree/3 side dish package provides 12-16 servings or 3 days worth of dinners for a family of 4-6 people.

Will you use my favorite brands and preferences for ingredients such as locally sourced, organic, etc. to prepare my meals?
Yes, absolutely. One of the benefits of having a private chef service in your home is the flexibility it allows your family to have meals created from ingredients that have been sourced according to your budget and preferences. We’ll purchase store brand, name brand, local or organic for any ingredients you desire.

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